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Upcoming Events

Baja SAE Louisville: May 14-17, 2020
Baja SAE Illinois: June 3-6, 2020
Baja SAE Arizona: April 16-19, 2020
About us

Georgia Tech Off-Road is a student-led team founded in 1998 that participates in annual Baja SAE competitions. The team currently has 40 undergraduate members with students majoring mostly in some form of engineering. Students on the team are provided with an opportunity to work on a large scale and time-constrained engineering project. They learn to not only design and analyze vehicle components, but also to develop communication and teamwork skills in ensuring proper integration between designs.

The North America Baja SAE competitions take place at three event locations each year and have upwards of 100 teams at each event. Student teams are tasked with designing and fabricating a high-performing single-seat off-terrain vehicle to sell to the enthusiast market. Teams compete in a set of static and dynamic events that span evaluations from vehicle designs to business models. Professionals from industry are involved with the competition and serve as judges to assess the student teams.

Join Our Team!

If you're a GT student looking to join our team, it's a simple process! It doesn't matter what major or year you are. Just fill out this Interest Form and come during any of our shop times. We'll gladly show you around!

We're also a VIP (Vertically Integrated Project) team, so you can also join this way and receive credit. For more information about VIP, go here.

Shop Times

Sundays 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Tuesdays 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Thursdays 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


The Student Competition Center
575 14th Street, Atlanta, GA 30318

You can take the green route to get here - just get off at the bus yard. Since shop times go a little late, you can also take the stingerette back to campus after the green route stops running.

Midnight Mayhem Rankings 2019 (Out of 98 teams)

Overall 8/98
Overall Dynamic 16/98
Acceleration 22/98
Manuverability 21/98
BajaCross 30/98
Endurance 10/98


Subsystems are smaller groupings of the team for design and building.


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Descriptions coming soon.


Descriptions coming soon.

Data Acquisition And Validation

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Descriptions coming soon.


Descriptions coming soon.

Driver Controls

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Team Leads

GTOR 2019/2020 Season Subsystem Leads

Team Lead and President

Steven Shipley

Steven is a competitive team lead of GT Off-Road and a methodical engineer with an ambitious vision for the club.

Chief Engineer

Justin Cole

Justin is the chief engineer for GT Off-Road. He leads the engineering efforts with a curiosity for new designs and a persistence for a competitive vehicle.

Drivetrain Co-Lead

Jesse Goodwin

Jesse is a driven and dedicated engineer leading the drivetrain team with creative solutions for the next generation vehicle.

Drivetrain Co-Lead

Andrew Abdow

Andrew brings his passion for all things mechanical and his work ethic to Georgia Tech Off-Road every shop. He working to design novel and competitive drivetrains.

Business Lead

Emmanuel Haldopoulos

Emmanuel balances the rest of the leaders at Georgia Tech Off-Road with his acute business sense and decisiveness. His bullish determination helps the the team to grow in its public image and business presence.

Data Acquisition and Validation Co-Lead

William (Billy) Plummer

Billy is an enthusiastic GT Off-Roader. His curiosity leads him to take on the most difficult problems and his determination leads him to solve them.

Manufacturing Lead

Nick Pizzolato

Nick is the highly skilled manufacturing lead for the team. He has proven expertise in manufacturing and is equipped to take on any challange.

Driver Controls lead

Jonathan Corno

Jonathan is the driver controls lead developing human accessable and easy to use driver controls.

Data Acquisition and Validation Co-Lead

Emily Fourney

Emily is creatively spearheading the data acquisition and analysis effort for GT Off-Road using analytical resourcefulness to apply studious solutions to problems.

Chassis Lead

Jacob Tommey

Jacob leads the chassis team. He adds character and cheer to the Off-Road team while developing next safe and robust chassis.

Suspension Lead

Wasiq Kabir

Wasiq is the youngest member of the leads at GT Off-Road. He has always stepped to the plate to fill gaps in the engineering team at Off-Road.


A big thank you to our sponsors for keeping our club running!